HOT102’s History

HOT102 (aka “the HOT FM”, “LOVE 102”, and some other incarnations) was a Top 40 and R&B music station in Milwaukee from 1979 to 1994, broadcasting at 102.1 FM with the call letters WLUM and owned by Green Bay Packers great Willie Davis as part of his company All-Pro Broadcasting. The station submitted to a changing music market and competition during the surge of “grunge” and the station at 102.1FM flipped to Alternative, a format it retains today.


HOT102 studios in 1993, high above Mayfair Mall.

We missed the “old school” HOT102. There are only so many available slots on an FM dial, so we went to the Internet and re-created HOT102 online. And, armed with the jingles, some of the voice guys, the music, and (hopefully) the “vibe”, HOT102 is alive once again!

Plenty of great personalities have come through the studios of HOT102. We hope to have some DJing again on the station for you… we already have new mixes from Fresh G! Listen for them on Friday/Saturday nights.

Times change, but great music and great radio are timeless. Join us and enjoy as we bring a great station back to life – listen often and tell your friends!

Meanwhile, here’s some fun, original HOT102 stuff from back in the day! Technology is great, isn’t it??

YouTube: Go Pee Pee by Flavor Ice & the Crew

YouTube: WLUM-FM’s Shannon in 1987

YouTube: Bernie Miller on HOT102 in 1986

YouTube: “Club 102” from Summerfest with the Gilmore Brothers, 1991

YouTube: HOT102 Weekend Mixes from Vern Boston, 1989